Jive acquired, business (and brand) as usual

Enterprise collaboration company Jive Software is about to kick off its annual Las Vegas located customer, partner, user/practitioner and, crucially, developer convention.

Jive recently entered the black, with strong profits recorded in the last three quarters.

To add further financial news in advance of what should still be predominantly Jive platform-related business, the company has this week detailed news to explain that ESW Capital, LLC, through its affiliate Wave Systems, is acquiring Jive and that Jive will become a part of the Aurea family of companies.

Will the Jive brand survive?

“The Jive brand is one of the assets of the company and Aurea intends to leverage it,” an official Jive source told Computer Weekly, in Las Vegas.

The transaction itself is valued at $462 (GBP 357) million.

Jive’s board of directors has unanimously approved the merger agreement and recommends that Jive stockholders tender their shares in the tender offer.

“With Jive and Aurea coming together, we can deliver the superior end-to-end employee and customer experience companies require in today’s digital landscape,” said Elisa Steele, CEO of Jive.

Who or what is Aurea?

Aurea (in its existence through ESW Capital) provides a technology platform and worldwide delivery capability to enable companies to build, execute, monitor and optimize the end-to-end software across a range of industries.

Essentially we might refer to Aurea (and parent ESW Capital) as an ‘investment software’ company i.e. one that invests and builds and connects (as opposed, per se, to one that provides software for investment specialists, such as itself).

“Jive, in combination with Aurea, enables us to bring customer experience and employee and customer engagement together,” said Scott Brighton, CEO of Aurea.

Aurea has made 9 strategic software company acquisitions since 2012.

As a software company that is building a platform of connected functionalities itself, Aurea’s main product groups appear to be aligned in areas including customer engagement, customer relationship management as well as email continuity and email security.