Jinfonet puts compound crosstabs in the BI data pipeline

Embedded analytics firm Jinfonet Software has hit the 14.5 version release of its JReport product.

Developer focused from the start, the message to programmers from the J-loving Marylanders behind this software is the option to be able to bring together data from different users without the need to hunt and stitch together data from multiple views.

Compound crosstabs

It’s all about the crosstabs, y’see?

As detailed here on GeekInterview, “Crosstab, or Cross Tabulation, is a process or function that combines and/or summarises data from one or more sources into a concise format for analysis or reporting. Crosstabs display the joint distribution of two or more variables and they are usually represented in the form of a contingency table in a matrix.”

Jinfonet says that crosstabs have been one of the most valuable visualisations in BI and analytics history.

They are effective in analysing hierarchically structured information, such as product categories, where the eyes drive across rows. It’s all about data layouts where users can evaluate more variables and outcomes simultaneously.

JReport 14.5 now offers compound crosstabs that allow users to put multiple parallel crosstabs together. Every group of columns and rows can have its own set of measures making it possible to juxtapose information that normally requires multiple rounds of configure-and-run.

Large scale data pipelining

Customers have said the the large scale data pipelining (along with the compound crosstabs function, obviously) are what makes JReport worth its salt.

Also here we find live dashboards with individual widgets. When a user drills down, filters or sorts on a dimension in one widget, visualisations on other subscribed dashboard widgets update instantly.

The product is also enhanced for smartphones in terms of screen layouts, responsive scaling and folding dashboards, reports and charts.