Jabra VP: Let's get S#!T done, today

It’s Friday (okay  this is the Internet and this is here forever, but it’s Friday at the time of writing)… and that means we all wish we could take the day off, work a four-day week (or less perhaps) and work better, live better and love life better.

So what to do?

Life empowerment books are all the rage and no American airport magazine stand is complete without at least a stack of these things. But perhaps we should think about work empowerment first and this, theoretically, could lead to life empowerment, right?

Holger Reisinger thinks this general approach is correct i.e. work out your approach to your job and a more harmonious work-life integration point is possible with higher productivity.

Intelligent sound solutions

Reisinger is senior VP of global accounts, products and alliances at Jabra, the ‘intelligent sound solutions’ company. Jabra is actually known for its headsets for offices & call centres with noise cancellation and ‘superior’ sound engineerings. The firm also specialises in Bluetooth headsets and speakers and other products including wireless sport headphones.

According to Jabra’s Reisinger, the firm has focused on what it calls ‘New Ways of Working’ and it is now issuing a rallying cry for a radical transformation of how we organise our work and get more done.

“At [the] heart [of this philosophy] is the power and autonomy of the individual. New Ways of Working is about surrounding people with technologies, processes and a culture that helps them achieve their full potential by feeling more appreciated, engaged and fulfilled in the workplace. Business success today – and tomorrow – isn’t reserved for those who work harder; it belongs to those who adopt New Ways of Working,” said Reisinger.


The thinking behind these ideas has been published in a free print and e-book called GET S#!T DONE, which readers can download here. The content itself stems from essays and other written pieces that have appeared on the official Jabra company blog itself.

Chapters presented in this book include ‘chunks’ of though that focus on areas including:

  • Work isn’t a place, it’s what you do.
  • The secret of managing remote teams.
  • The most annoying thing in the world.
  • Collaboration vs. Concentration.
  • The rise of the chief happiness officer.
  • In the future, your employees will not be your employees.
  • Start sleeping on the job, or you’re fired!

The foundation of much of the thinking presented here (and indeed the foundation of Jabra’s concept of New Ways Of Working) is connected (and credited) to a behavioural model developed by Louise Harder Fischer PhD and fellow at IT-University of Copenhagen and her concept of the productivity cube.

Fischer’s cube segments the world into three dimensions: work-modes, technology and workplace culture.

Holistic thought-leadership

What (arguably) marks GET S#!T DONE out as interesting is that this is a headset firm (albeit a dedicated specialist in the field and one aiming at the high quality end of the market) talking not about headphone, earpieces and call centres, but about the way we work and the way we harness productivity. If that’s not a lesson in holistic market-wide cross-industry thought-leadership then surely nothing is.


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