Is DevOps is getting sexier?

If you believe the hype cycles, DevOps is getting sexier.

Well, to be more accurate (and bit less headline grabbing-ly dramatic), DevOps is becoming a more discernable real-world technology proposition and can now be perceived as a tangible discipline inside datacentres and developments teams.

If DevOps started out sounding like it was born out of marketing spin emanating from the application release and deployment management vendors, it’s now a bit clearer how we might employ the term.

As the intersection point between Dev-elopers and Op-erations (database administrators, sysadmins, network admins etc.) — perhaps we can we make DevOps sexier if we remind ourselves that application problems can happen anywhere?

Software application development problems can occur on the end user device, on the network, inside infrastructures or in the application code.


IT operations staff and developers often know there’s a problem but can’t get to the right level of analysis quickly or easily enough to minimise and mitigate the impact on the end user experience.

Frequently, expert staff — be they Level 3 network experts or application developers themselves — must be taken off key projects in order to troubleshoot issues.

Enter sexy-time DevOps.

New improved Mr (or Ms, or Mrs, or Miss) DevOps is now capable of wielding a single appliance with integrated “application-aware” network performance management (aaNPM).

Suddenly DevOps isn’t just “yeah, we’ll try and look after your code build release and give it a bump start if it needs it”…

… DevOps is (all of that) plus a more top-of-the-line solution where end-to-end performance management extends from deep-dive packet and network analysis through to application transactions and the end user experience, or (EUE) if you will.

So aaNPM for better EUE then?

This DevOps practice is all about bringing network intelligence to application performance — and Riverbed Technology’s Shark module for AppResponse Xpert is one such beast.

According to a new Forrester Consulting study commissioned in August 2013 by Riverbed, “Forrester’s Ideal Tool Set for Application Performance Management for Better Business Performance,” 52 percent of the IT operations surveyed waste more than 20 percent of their operational resources to track and correct problems.

On top of the business productivity loss and the damage to the brand, IT productivity also suffers from this state of affairs, as resources are called from their normal work to perform unplanned and unscheduled tasks.

So the world of APM and NPM (Application, and, Network Performance Management) must now come together if IT organisations are going to be successful in making the transition to application-centric operations.

Could an APM/NPM convergence make DevOps sexier?

Let me pour you a glass of wine while I undress this multi-terabyte application network packet recording while you decide.