Intel XDK HTML5 cross-platform development tool

Memory maker turned chip maker turned chip maker who also makes a lot of software company Intel has released an updated Intel XDK — an all-in-one HTML5 development environment.


Not an SDK, an XDK

Intel uses the X to denote cross platform — the DK still means Development Kit.

The latest XDK is aimed at accelerating the deployment of new mobile games.

This software application developer tool can be used by game developers to write a single app and automatically build versions for Android, iOS and Windows app stores.


“Intel XDK gives gamers the ability to enjoy the same experiences across their PCs, phones, and tablets, and lets developers focus on creating new experiences instead of porting games to different platforms,” said the firm, in a press statement.

Nice Asset, Management

This version adds popular game engine support for a range of code libraries and includes an Asset Manager to access, manipulate and manage game assets.

There is support here for the W3C Gamepad API for devices; and it also supports Google Play Game Services and Apple Game Center Services.

Intel XDK is available as a free download for Windows 7 & 8, Apple OS X and Ubuntu Linux.


“Intel XDK HTML5 Cross-platform Development Tool provides a simplified workflow to enable developers to easily design, debug, build, and deploy HTML5 web and hybrid apps across multiple app stores, and form factor devices,” said the firm.