Ignoring the cloud is akin to staying with DOS

Magic Software MD David Akka has used his corporate blog to liken a refusal to embrace the cloud as being parallel to having stuck with DOS and ignoring Windows (and other operating systems of course) all those years back.

“For those who ignore the cloud and carry on regardless, in around two to four year’s time their solutions will NOT survive,” said Akka. “Dramatic I know, but as I see it the move to the cloud is very much like the move from DOS to Windows all those years ago. Simply ask yourself where would you be right now if you had elected to stick with DOS?”


There’s a lot of cloud propaganda out there right now and, as Akka also points out, not all companies will be shifting their mission-critical business applications and databases off their own servers and into a vendor-hosted cloud offering tomorrow.

The option to consider hybrid clouds that provide the flexibility for organisations to move at their own pace — deploying applications in the cloud as and when they feel comfortable — should perhaps be discussed more openly.