IBM Blueworks Live for business process management

One of the reasons some people leave big business is that they can’t cope with this thing called “process” — speaking personally, it’s what drove me out of working for big companies.

Still, process is what runs businesses and Business Process Management (BPM) has arguably gained a fair degree of traction among IT departments that want to gain “visibility into the status of daily tasks”, as the BPM vendors like to put it.

One of the current trends in this sector of IT is the push to eliminate the need for deep technical skills — but does that take power (and quality control) away from the developer function, or does it alleviate higher-level pressures and make things better?

IBM says that BPM process companies can empower the business itself to turn an unstructured series of activities currently run over email into automated processes.

“Blueworks Live is IBM’s new SaaS offering that gives everyone in an organisation a voice in process improvement. Borrowing concepts from social networking, IBM Blueworks Live turns BPM into a collaborative exercise in which the team has control over how fast or how deep they scale up their BPM expertise,” says the company in a press statement this morning.

IBM has developed an infographic explaining the BPM journey which can be viewed online here:

IBM blue.png