I wish someone would "integrate" my data!

If you happen to know me personally (or you’re a ‘web-friend’ perhaps), then you probably know that I am moving house. It’s a process that I like to sum up with the following alliterative memo: moving, migrating, momentum and a maelstrom of madness.

During the process of moving there are meetings to be scheduled, forms to fill out, boxes to be ticked, plans for “migration day” to be drawn up, support services (we’ll call them removal men!) to be booked for the big day, costs to be shouldered, addresses to be updated and so on.

… and yes you guessed it, I could do with some help — and every time a data integration press release hits my inbox my blood starts to boil.

Why don’t we have these kind data support services for individuals?

I mean Informatica has this week expanded its existing product portfolio to give customers more options to meet their diverse business continuity, big data and operational data integration needs.

Is this too tenuous a link to house moving? Please stay with me…


Data replication is the process of real-time data sharing to ensure consistency between redundant database resources to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, latency and accessibility.

“A part of the Informatica Platform, Informatica’s new data replication technology includes Informatica Fast Clone which automates the cloning of application data and Informatica Data Replication which manages the capture, routing and delivery of high-volume transaction data across diverse systems in real time with minimal source system impact,” said the company, in a press statement.

Informatica suggests that use cases include faster, less costly database migrations with zero downtime, mirroring of operational data for continual access during maintenance and upgrade cycles, active data warehousing with more up-to-date information and live transactional auditing with a full audit trail of every transaction event.

The sad fact is that I will soon be experiencing some downtime of my own and I could certainly do with some data mirroring as I switch all my personal details to my new property.

I’ll probably get a sore while back humping boxes too — ah, at least Informatica doesn’t claim to solve that problem, yet!