How do we oil the dirty mechanics of cloud application integration?

There’s a problem with cloud computing.

Actually, there are lots of cloud industry problems including:

• Over-hype from the start.

• Confusion over security.

• Public, private, hybrid choice (is that #PubPriHy cloud?) and,

• … many other issues such as compliance and governance etc.

But the most pertinent developer-centric problems with cloud are more logically concentrated with what we could perhaps call the “mechanics of the cloud” in operational terms.

What are the mechanics of the cloud?

The mechanics here are the process dedicated to practical cloud functions such as:

• Upload of data to cloud instances

• Integrating on-premises business applications with new Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud applications

• Operating a disparate niche cloud integration platform in line with the core software development environment and,

• So-called cloud adapters which seek to unify and integrate.

Oracle is attempting to highlight this area with the introduction of Oracle Cloud Adapter for — this is a single integration platform to unify cloud and on-premises applications.

TECHNICAL NOTE: Oracle Cloud Adapters are part of the firm’s Oracle SOA Suite, which seeks (at a higher level) to function as a unified application integration platform/solution/tool/technology etc.

What the hell is (cloud) software integration anyway?


In practical terms, cloud-centric cloud-driven cloud-located software application integration involves practical “greasy hands on” tools like session management controls.

As well as session management, you will see “credential store” functions to prevent confidential credentials from being exchanged over the cloud network — and (as Oracle indeed has) many of these functions will be wizards-based (as opposed to manual) to make things run even smoother.

“Organisations have relied on a mix of integration tools, each focusing on either cloud or on-premise applications,” said Demed L’Her, vice president of product management, Oracle.

“With Oracle Cloud Adapters, Oracle has extended our commitment to simplifying and securing key applications by unifying the integration experience between cloud and on-premises applications. Oracle will continue to release additional out-of-the-box adapters with Oracle SOA Suite to help customers better connect to cloud applications.”

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