Help! my boarding pass has no software integration

Having just flown transatlantic with a well-known American carrier that shall remain nameless…

… I sometimes wonder how they justify operating what should be pretty seamless systems to look after our bookings, when things can go so wrong.

The system managed to book my wife and I into completely separate seats, which we had to constantly go back in and amend on more than one occasion.

As passenger bookings go up and down, plane sizes are changed (that’s fine – we know this happens), but for my chosen airline this meant that my wife and I were placed on either sides of the plane in different seats again.

We do have the same last name surname and we shared one single booking reference, it can’t be that difficult.

So if Sabre, Amadeus and/or Galileo systems are being used here (and I’m pretty sure that they are) I would suggest that it is not the software’s fault, but the fault of those Systems Integrators (SIs) and internal developers and operations staff whose job it is to ensure that these systems do work in an INTEGRATED manner, which they clearly are not — not at every level at least.

Oh and the name of that airline?

I couldn’t possibly divulge…

… but it’s the second part of a world famous soccer team’s name from Manchester, it comes before Kingdom, Arab Emirates and States and it rhymes with “delighted” – even though I’m not.


Free Image Use: Wikimedia Commons