HDS aims to unify compute for hybrid clouds

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), is a wholly owned subsidiary of guess who? Yes, Hitachi, Ltd. But the fine folks at HDS do like to remind us of this fact.

Now very much a software company (even if you do have a Hitachi television), HDS is now focused on its Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) RS series Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) Rack-Scale platform, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation.

Surely that should be the HDS-UCP-SDDC-RS on VMware, right?

Overloaded acronyms notwithstanding, Hitachi UCP RS (for short) claims to be able to enable firms to embrace hybrid cloud faster.

Pay-as-you-go economics

On the path to what HDS likes to call cloud-powered pay-as-you-go economics, this technology aims to provide the option to either deploy an integrated SDDC stack or give firms the option to build their own using Hitachi’s vSAN ready node and VMware software.

Alongside the launch of Hitachi UCP RS, the company has enhanced its hyper converged system Unified Compute Platform (UCP) HC.

Questions over Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

 “Open questions exist regarding the extent to which advances in SDI technology can support a common virtual datacentre foundation upon which improved end-to-end IT service interoperability, resilience, elasticity and agility across a hybrid cloud infrastructure can be effectively realized,” according to Market Trends: Software-Defined Infrastructure — Who Can Benefit? (Gartner, June 2017).

In addition, the report states that, given the current state of public cloud service deployment and the maturity state of SDI, one of two options is possible.

The first is an application-independent, common virtual datacentre infrastructure that can run on top of an existing private datacentre infrastructure, a public cloud service or a combination of the two.

This variation is called infrastructure-upward – the second option was not clarified in any depth here.

“Our deep, collaborative partnership with VMware has led to the creation of powerful systems and innovative solutions that help our customers modernize their IT environments and put data at the center of their business,” said Bob Madaio, vice president of integrated solution marketing at Hitachi.

This is deep infrastructure technology for sure. Essentially HDS is working as hard as it can (with help from VMware) to attempt to make hybrid cloud easier. Has it worked yet? It may be too soon to say.