Eslambolchizadeh backs Ixia for debugger beefiness

What is a software company without a dedicated developer division, tool, platform or at least T-shirt, right? Presumably this was some of the thinking that network-testing company Ixia (pron: icks-ee-ya) went through recently.

The firm has now come forward with Ixia Developer (pron: dev-ell-op-er), an agile application performance and security resilience tool.

Basically, this is VM based-deployment software that looks for bugs in the development lifecycle.

Lifecycle testing by built-in debugger

It has a built-in debugger (pron: de-bugger) and the ability to import and replay packet captures.

Ixia Developer generates ‘rich and realistic’ application traffic (Ed – that’s my favourite kind) along with malicious attacks and automated threats to help find bugs.

“We really like Ixia Developer, not just because it has many built in debugging and traffic generation capabilities, but its ease of use and VM based-deployment has made adoption by our engineers much easier,” said

Eslambolchizadeh likes it

Aria Eslambolchizadeh (pron: we’re not sure and nor is this guy, sorry) executive director for quality engineering, at SonicWALL explains that Ixia Developer has enabled his firm’s developers to do testing well.

“In addition, the traffic generator has helped both our developers and QA Engineers to validate bugs, while proving the real application monitoring capabilities of our security devices. This is critical for SonicWALL’s network security devices,” said Eslambolchizadeh.

Further, it is easy to automate and/or embed Ixia Developer in continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) frameworks using REST APIs and a rich command line interface.

Eslambolchizadeh: I like the product so much you can just call me "Mr E" if you like

Eslambolchizadeh: I like the product so much you can just call me “Mr E” if you like

“As DevOps continues to pervade into mainstream IT, it’s becoming imperative to broaden the testing mindset to include security, which increases IT agility while lowering the impact of vulnerabilities,” said Donnie Berkholz, research director for development, DevOps, & IT Ops at 451 Research.

Ixia says that the agile CI/CD model is most effective when disparate teams across service provider, QA, production, development and vendor can streamline discovery and resolution of issues found in different phases, accelerating time to market.

Ixia Developer customers can also access built-in community features.