Densify cloud clarity: right cloud, right data, right time

Should software application development professionals be tasked with finding out where, when, how, why and on what cloud form factor their applications should exist upon at any one single given moment in time?

Do cloud architects, engineers and supporting service operations (and, indeed, DevOps) staff have enough holistic system knowledge to be able to know where to draw down and spin up the appropriate instances of cloud to be able to position applications best, for their optimal performance from both a cost and computing point of view.

This is the pain point that cloud infrastructure control software company Cirba is putting its analytics know-how to (in the shape of its cloud migration & cost analysis capabilities) with, the firm’s own SaaS hybrid capacity analytics solution.

Densify is essentially a means for cloud engineers to get hybrid capacity analytics so that they can have the right cloud application data capacity, in the right amount, at the right time.

Densification & transformation know-how

Cirba has a team of densification & transformation advisors that work to provide Densify’s cloud capacity analysis. These analytics enable automated capacity decisions and optimisation to ensure applications always have the right amount of the right kind of capacity with little or no waste.

“The move to hybrid cloud for most enterprises is being slowed by complexity of making the decision as to how to balance demand across all their infrastructure options including on premise and public clouds,” said Gerry Smith, CEO of Cirba. 

Application requirements

Densify’s predictive analytics examines deep workload patterns to understand application requirements.

It then uses this information to compare various hosting options and optimally match applications to hosting environments, place workloads and allocate resources.

This requires a detailed understanding of the capabilities of various host infrastructures including on premise environment options; public cloud options including AWS, Azure and IBM SoftLayer. 

According to the firm, “Densify simplifies the complex world of hybrid cloud management by enabling organisations to optimally balance application demand across all available infrastructures – whether on premise or in public cloud.”

Customers gain a clear understanding of their current and future capacity requirements and costs, while also automating recommended actions that proactively reduce both cost and risk.