Collabnet gets touchy-feely over DevOps empathy factor

There are firms, companies, organisations and businesses of all kinds, but these terms may no longer be enough to describe contemporary industry players embracing cloud native architectures and connected services-centric operational structures.

These firms (and the software application development functions that serve them) are not businesses or companies as we once knew them; they are what we call ‘complex distributed enterprises’ and, if you can stomach the term itself, this is now a thing.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and development tools firm CollabNet has played into this space with its TeamForge product.

Focused on what we can now define as ‘release automation’ as a specific software engineering function, TeamForge has recently been updated with extra availability compatibility and performance tweaks.

Collabnet CEO Flint ‘I have a cool name’ Brenton rightly points out that the tenets and language of ALM have been recently popularised through the DevOps movement, yet the needs of organisations have not changed.

DevOps empathy factor

“The software industry cannot deny the continued need for integration, connectivity and collaboration that is scalable to the entire enterprise across teams, processes and tools. When cross-functional teams share a virtual workspace and can view and trace the value of individual contributions to an initiative, empathy and continuous feedback are natural next steps,” said Brenton.

Now releasing version 17.8, CollabNet says TeamForge’s version control capabilities ensure the security and integrity of source code and integrate with popular version control and workflow tools. TeamForge SCM 17.8 also includes improvements to design and ease-of-use.

 Specific updates to TeamForge 17.8:

Alongside new HTML email templates for artifact create and update functionality, new features include tracker usability improvements, drag & drop attachments in artifacts and filtering capability within Association tab… plus also:

  • Improved Artifact Widget in My Workspace
  • Track and Kanban board configuration saved to Project Template
  • New High Availability compatibility and integrations
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Installer Improvements to support multi-box setup

The complex distributed enterprise, is now ‘a thing’… but we need to get away from the hype and hyperbole and start to look inside to see where the mechanics of this new operation touch the application development stream and consider how that impacts our approach to architecture and code execution at all levels and on all devices.