Cloud computing is NOT a product, discuss

I was working on a story this week that examined cloud computing adoption – but please don’t stop reading yet!

OK so here’s the basic stuff – Gartner estimates that in 2010, cloud computing service revenue was estimated to be somewhere around £41 billion, a nearly 17 percent increase from 2009.

Stay with me please … although it gets worse first, it then gets easier.

Following on from Gartner’s estimations, some analysts have reportedly further estimated that we will see this figure to leap to £90 billion by 2014.

So are these estimates worthwhile?

Clive Longbottom, service director at IT analyst house Quocirca thinks not.

“On these £gazillion per year figures — I really don’t give a flying one. Cloud is not a product, so can’t be costed as a market like this. It’s such a mix of services, hardware, licences and maintenance etc. that you can give it any figure you want and stand by it,” said Longbottom.

Is it time for us to change the way we talk about the cloud and measure it?

It may well be so.