Cast's application 'intelligence' platform - simples!

Technology wastage is everywhere; from the private sector to the hallowed halls of Whitehall, if data management expenditure is not wasted directly then it’s hemorrhaging out via some poorly thought through outsourcing streams.

OK — that’s a bit strong, but you get the picture.

Software analysis and measurement company Cast Software has used the recent wastage uncovered in the UK’s NHS system to highlight the badly executed provisioning and billing that had led to serious overspend in this sector.

So shouldn’t these processes be simpler?

Cast says that its solution allows both the customer and the outsourcer to measure the amount of work required to complete a project as well as identify the so-called ‘Technical Debt’ (or flawed code), which remains outstanding in the existing code base repository.

The recently launched CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) v7.0 is said to make it easier to detect, measure and take action to minimise IT software costs and risks.

So then – simples!

Olivier Bonsignour, VP of product development at CAST has highlighted the product’s new capabilities that, if used effectively, should give users greater analysis and measurement power, greater visibility and greater control.

Included in this version:

• An all-in-one-pane Investigation View saves users from clicking through many screens to get all relevant information on a problem.

A Transaction-Wide Risk Index (TwRI) groups the impact of critical violations by transaction for smart prioritization and action.

• A new version of the Cast Management Studio with intelligent auto-discovery for faster configuration, easier administration, and automated report generation.

“Looking at the structure of business critical applications is becoming more and more important for IT executives to manage cost of ownership and cost of quality related to their investments in custom business technology,” said Gartner Research VP Jim Duggan.