Can Twitter debug itself?

I have for many months tried to engage with the technical and communications teams at Twitter and Tweetdeck.

It’s a bit like trying to talk to that large company from California named after a fruit i.e. they might occasionally reply, but you don’t ever feel like you’re going to get any insight and, specifically as a journalist, these companies don’t have much interest in opening up to you and trying to discuss strategy and product development even under a trusted NDA basis etc.

So here’s a question:

… given that Twitter is such a mass consumed and publicly used platform, how could and should the Twitter ‘technical support’ function help users try and work with technical issues and take these concerns on board to help try and debug the platform as a whole from an Agile & Continuous software application development and delivery perspective?

As a Tweetdeck user, I am personally getting a strange file dumped on my desktop every day called a debug.log – I’m using Windows 8.1 with all latest updates across the board.

I have logged this with Twitter technical support and at the moment I am getting responses such as are you using the latest version of TweetDeck? Or can you reproduce this on

To which the answers are, yes of course and no not relevant.

After a week of chasing this up and interacting with what I still believe to be a robot, I am getting emails such as.

“I have documented the issue you are experiencing and provided the report to our engineers. While the issue is queued for investigation, the issue is not one which we are able to investigate and fix immediately. I realize that this problem may heavily impact your ability to use Twitter and I greatly apologize for the inconvenience. We try to resolve all problems as quickly as we can, but with the volume of requests we see we are unable to address each and every issue.”

I remain a committed Tweetdeck user despite its trials and tribulations, but sometimes my faith is tested.

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