CA's launchpad for skyrocketing mainframes

Mainframes are exciting. There, we’ve said it, do you feel better?

CA (the artist formerly known as Computer Associates) has recently expanded its CA Chorus management platform for the mainframe with new capabilities for network and system management.

So why is this exciting?

Modern software application development environments are being (comparatively gently) pushed towards embracing the manifold virtues and benefits of so-called DevOps (developer-operations) administration benefits.

Bringing network system management problem resolution into focus is exciting news for applications that depend upon a mainframe-based foundation. This is the kind of thing that can reduce outages, increase system availability and improve customer satisfaction.

CA’s mainframe division GM Michael Madden makes it clear that the number of mainframe transactions is “skyrocketing” as he puts it.

“But this puts customers under pressure to deliver more IT services while cutting costs,” he said. “CA Chorus gives our customers the tools to solve today’s immediate challenges while laying the groundwork for the dynamic data center of the future.”

So basically this is a product that unites mainframe DevOps management into a workspace where administrative functions such as security, storage and infrastructure can all be fine tuned and managed.

“Administrators no longer have to adapt to a new and different user interface with every application. The look and feel of CA Chorus is the same regardless of whether you are a data base administrator, security administrator or storage manager,” said the company, in a press statement.

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