Bish, bash, BOSH: Pivotal says 'I believe' in CloudCredo

The problem with the pre-Christmas to New Year bounce in the information technology industry is that a lot of good news gets buried right around the time that everything closes up shop —

— then, in January, lots of people say things about the Internet of Things and smart home technologies at the Vegas CES show during the first week of the year.

Go fluffy

The result of this ‘squeeze it all in in late December and then go slightly fluffy’ in January programme is that some serious morsels of news gets missed.

Among the ‘oh, really, I missed that, it must have been Christmas’ pile was news of Pivotal bolstering its cloud native platform cadre with the acquisition of CloudCredo.

As you may know, CloudCredo is a privately-held Cloud Foundry development and services provider based in London, UK.

NOTE: As part of the deal, Pivotal has also acquired CloudCredo subsidiary stayUp that specialises in the Cloud Foundry log analysis space.

The firms remind us that CloudCredo has been working with Cloud Foundry and Pivotal since 2012 and so has good experience delivering SLA-driven production services using Cloud Foundry.

“The pool of truly elite Cloud Foundry systems talent, in other words BOSH, in Europe is limited. So is the pool of services companies with a proven track record of moving the dial on training and management in cloud native development,” said James Governor, analyst and founder of RedMonk. “Pivotal gets both by acquiring CloudCredo.”

Bish, bash, BOSH

BOSH is an open source tool for release engineering, deployment, lifecycle management, and monitoring of distributed systems.

“CloudCredo enhances Pivotal’s powerful next-generation portfolio of products and services by bringing extensive knowledge of deploying, running and customising Cloud Foundry for some of the world’s largest and most admired brands,” said Rob Mee, CEO of Pivotal.

With CloudCredo’s expertise, Pivotal says it will continue to better help its enterprise customers embrace and leverage the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Cloud Native platform more quickly and transform the way they build software.