Axway gets gutsy on API lifecycle management, eventually

Software shop Axway classifies itself in the oh-so-woolly and non-specific technology space known by some as ‘digital business enablement’, a term which in and of itself is (arguably) too broad to convey any real meaning.

Would that the firm would simply talk about itself as a API management, identity management, mobile app development and analytics specialist.

Journalistic moaning notwithstanding, the firm has now extended its API management suite a little close to DevOps practices and the use of microservices.

How do you manage an API?

Axway API Management Plus is said to work ‘across the API lifecycle’ — and that means from creation and management to consumption and analytics.

“By using Axway API Management Plus to wire up the complete API lifecycle, API development teams can take advantage of DevOps best practices and services to collaborate on projects,” said Jeanine Banks, executive vice president, global products and solutions, Axway.

After the hyperbole and showboating, Axway finally gets down to explaining how API management works as follows…

Axway API Management Plus allows teams to work in parallel on API policies and to build APIs and microservices, supporting massive scale in an elastic Node.js based environment. Embracing this approach speeds up delivery of complete  OAuth and OpenID connect coverage, decreases time-to-market and multiplies the number of deployments while drastically reducing the risk of error. In addition, Axway API Management Plus enables customers to securely manage the full digital experience through robust capabilities that span cloud, on premises, or hybrid IT environments.

“Automating API deliveries in a cloud agnostic and scalable way, including the ability to customise shipped Cookbooks, is the new foundation for a DevOps-ready solution which will significantly improve time to market for digital innovation,” said Ken Cheney, vice president of business development at Chef.

Yes of course API management is all about reaching the next level of maturity required by digital initiatives at an enterprise scale, but if we could hear about the mechanics of deployment and the nuances of API policy management first… then we’d drink your DevOps-centric microservices-enriched KoolAid just that little bit quicker, okay?