A top 20 skills list for (mostly developer-centric) freelancers

Freelance work website Upwork has released a list of (admittedly US-based) skills in what appear to be mostly technical and highly developer-centric fields. If the US job market (and its technical skills development progression) is any reflection of Europe and the rest of the world (which it largely is), then this list could prove interesting, encouraging or at least mildly diverting.

Key takeaways include the notion that software application development skills account for one-third of the top 20 fastest-growing skills. From web development (AngularJS) to eCommerce development (Shopify) to mobile development (Android, iOS), developers are in higher demand than ever.

Also here… we see that future technologies are driving demand for skills such as data mining, Java and MongoDB competency. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and robotics are also (somewhat unsurprisingly) on the rise.

In the less technical (but still related) fields we see areas listed including proofreading, SEO writing, animation and video editing.

The list for Q2 2016:

  1. User experience design
  2. ASP development
  3. Shopify development
  4. English proofreading
  5. SEO writing
  6. Animation
  7. Virtual assistant
  8. Lead generation
  9. Data mining
  10. Video editing
  11. WordPress development
  12. AngularJS development
  13. Java development
  14. Accounting
  15. Android development
  16. iOS development
  17. Zendesk
  18. MongoDB
  19. Data visualisation
  20. AutoCAD

“We’re releasing this skills data to serve as a resource for professionals, educators and policymakers,” said Upwork CEO, Stephane Kasriel.