• December 04, 2009 04 Dec'09

    Tesco dumps paper invoicing

    Retail giant Tesco has switched to electronic invoicing in a move to eliminate re-keying and improve the accuracy of its billing process.  Continue Reading

  • December 04, 2009 04 Dec'09

    Why does a blog look like a blog?

    Smashing Magazine has an article titled The Death of the Blog Post, wherein UX designer Paddy Donnelly examines a trend amongst web designers to play with their blog's design and layout in what he ...  Continue Reading

  • December 04, 2009 04 Dec'09

    Review: HTC Hero Graphite - video

    I don't need another Hero, because, I already have one, and carrying around more than one phone is a bit silly, isn't it? Unless you're a crack dealer, of course, in which case - you should really ...  Continue Reading