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IT workers in local government braced for offshoring avalanche

I wrote a story today about Birmingham City Council’s plans to offshore IT jobs to India.

The council, through its partnership with Capita known as Service Birmingham, is planning to offshore up to 100 jobs.

This does not sound that big a story but it is the first local authority to offshore jobs to low cost locations.

Local government offshoring has been on the cards for a while now but the Birmingham decision could be the first of many.

So is Birmingham City Council being a brave pioneer or is it making a big mistake?

Please fill in this questionnaire and give me your views.



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Thanks. I will publish the results if I get a good number of responses

Classic false economy - with people on benefits, government will lose taxes, have to pay benefits and housing not to mention the social consequences. So you save a pound today but it will cost you three pounds tomorrow.