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Could government centralised IT project decision making hold back progress?

The government’s stance on IT projects might be preventing good ideas from becoming reality.

The government, quite rightly, doesn’t want to waste money on IT and is determined to ensure projects get approval from the top. As a result the Cabinet Office is being swamped.

I was talking to an IT consultant who works in government about this and he told me everything seems to have grinded to a halt in terms of new IT projects.

He said: “The biggest problem at the moment is that everything seems stuck in cabinet office.”

“There are lots of good ideas and people are ready to do things but there are lots of delays,” he added.

This could mean the government missing out on some IT that could reap massive rewards. But I suppose it is the results of the amount of money that hads been wasted in the past.

Is anyone seeing much activity in government IT?

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