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EnergyDeck - a community-based web platform to help organisations save resource costs

Source:  Computer Weekly

“We’re aiming to address the billion-$ opportunity of energy and resource waste in the operation of buildings (eg. the UK could save £8bn alone per year by cutting energy waste in commercial buildings by 20%).

EnergyDeck is a powerful, community-based platform that helps organisations and individuals  save costs related to the consumption of energy and other natural resources. The driving idea  behind EnergyDeck is to leverage the collective intelligence of its users in order to provide relevant benchmarks and help identify the most suitable savings opportunities via an easily accessible web platform. The EnergyDeck community benefits from its collective knowledge and the possibility to share best practice and projects. Building up and using that database makes it possible to crowdsource know-how utilising the network as a platform to deliver environmental sustainability.

“Our specific focus is on the “building management stack”, which includes organisations ranging from landlords to managing agents, workplace service providers and last but not least tenants - often large corporates or public organisations. This can be extended to residential users in the case of housing associations. The rationale behind this focus is that information flows between the levels in the stack are typically broken, leading to management inefficiencies and ultimately consumption waste.

“The EnergyDeck value proposition to this target group is three-fold:

  1. Increase operational efficiency
  2. Save resource costs and consumption (as well as carbon)
  3. Improve client service and / or external recognition

“EnergyDeck is developed with scalability as the key concept. The fact that the platform is "community driven" means that it gets better the more users participate. Furthermore, as a fully hosted, web-based platform it is accessible to everyone through a browser, and we provide a free basic version that allows to track one building and up to five metering points.”

Photograph: Founders, Nicholas Mason and Markus Gnirck

Questions we asked the Cisco startups:

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