Introducing the BIG Awards semi-finalists


Smartzer - Shoppable videos

Source:  Computer Weekly

Smartzer is a web (HTML5) and mobile (iOS, Android) platform that adds an interactive layer to video content. Any content owner can sign up on Smartzer website, upload their videos and add and manage tags. The tagged HTML5 video can then be embedded on any website.

“The overlay allows viewers to touch the screen to see more information about featured items, alongside an option to instantly purchase them. In addition to additional revenue through sales, content owners will have access to highly valuable analytics information. Social media (Twitter, FB) is also integrated to the platform, so any item can be instantly shared, making a connection between any video content for a brand on the web, social media platforms and their merchandise. For TV/film content, a platform like Smartzer is a huge enhancement for product placement, creating fantastic new opportunities.

The main factor distinguishing us from other interactive platforms, is the tagging method. Commonly used image recognition techniques are associated with several risks, such as false positives, whereas the simple tagging method by Smartzer eliminates these. We also provide interactive players for native apps on iOS and Android.”

Photograph: Founder, Karoline Gross

Questions we asked the Cisco startups:

If you were Prime Minister for a day what policy would you implement to help startups?

What is it really like being a startup in the UK and how would they encourage CIOs to purchase to work with them over established suppliers?

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