Information technology (IT) in ASEAN

  • November 05, 2021 05 Nov'21

    Inside Krungsri Bank’s open API journey

    Thailand’s Krungsri Bank has been harnessing open application programming interfaces to enable its partners to build new services in a strategy that has won over customers from rival banks

  • November 02, 2021 02 Nov'21

    Dell rolls out financing arm in Singapore

    Dell Financial Services will offer flexible and consumption-based payment options in local and regional markets as more enterprises consume and operate IT infrastructure via an as-a-service model

  • October 29, 2021 29 Oct'21

    How GitHub is driving secure software development

    GitHub’s first chief security officer offers a glimpse into the company’s efforts to help developers and organisations embrace secure software development practices

  • October 25, 2021 25 Oct'21

    Singapore-developed chatbot to provide genetic counselling

    National University Cancer Institute, Singapore’s chatbot will kickstart the counselling process for patients who have a higher risk of contracting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

  • October 24, 2021 24 Oct'21

    The future of data analytics

    The rise of no-code and event-driven architectures are among the developments that will shape the future of data analytics, according to Tibco’s regional chief technology officer

  • October 21, 2021 21 Oct'21

    APAC organisations warm to zero trust

    Two-thirds of APAC organisations have a zero-trust strategy even as they grapple with the lack of skills and other organisational challenges, study finds

  • October 20, 2021 20 Oct'21

    Alibaba Cloud to open datacentres in Thailand and South Korea

    Chinese cloud supplier is expanding its regional datacentre footprint to Thailand and South Korea in 2022 alongside technology investments that include a custom Arm-based server chip

  • October 19, 2021 19 Oct'21

    VMware refines cross-cloud strategy

    VMware’s CTO Kit Colbert talks up the evolution of the company’s cross-cloud strategy and how it stands out from other suppliers eyeing the multicloud pie

  • October 18, 2021 18 Oct'21

    Singapore pulls ahead with public sector 5G trials

    Singapore’s public sector organisations are testing the use of 5G connectivity to remotely operate an autonomous vehicle for road-sweeping, among other use cases

  • October 17, 2021 17 Oct'21

    Graphcore opens Southeast Asia hub in Singapore

    The AI chipmaker is looking to expand its sales teams and hire more engineers to support customer deployments in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia

  • October 14, 2021 14 Oct'21

    HPE’s GreenLake strategy pays off in APAC

    HPE’s transition to an as-a-service company is paying off in Asia-Pacific where it witnessed one of the strongest quarters, thanks in part to rising demand for services

  • October 11, 2021 11 Oct'21

    UnaBiz raises $25m in Series B funding

    Regional IoT tech supplier will use the funds to strengthen its foothold in key markets and develop new products and services

  • October 11, 2021 11 Oct'21

    Malaysia’s highway authority improves DR capabilities

    The Malaysian Highway Authority is now more resilient against cyber attacks through a local disaster-recovery-as-a-service offering powered by Veeam software

  • October 11, 2021 11 Oct'21

    Singapore refreshes cyber security strategy

    The city-state updates its national cyber security strategy to shore up the security of critical infrastructure and enterprises while growing its cyber security industry, among other goals

  • October 08, 2021 08 Oct'21

    How Zoom is growing its APAC business

    Zoom is driving its growth in Asia-Pacific by embedding business processes into video communications, supporting the hybrid workplace and expanding its headcount in the region

  • October 06, 2021 06 Oct'21

    Aetos to deploy Singtel MEC for security operations

    Security firm Aetos will use Singtel’s multi-access edge computing platform to run applications such as surveillance robots, drones and video analytics at its security command centre

  • October 04, 2021 04 Oct'21

    How GYG Singapore moved to paperless contracts

    The Singapore franchisee of Mexican cuisine specialist Guzman y Gomez has turned to electronic agreements and digital signatures to ease the administrative burden on its HR team

  • September 30, 2021 30 Sep'21

    NUS and Thales to develop quantum technologies

    The National University of Singapore and Thales have joined hands to test quantum technologies for commercial applications in security and sensing

  • September 29, 2021 29 Sep'21

    AWS launches programme to advance health equity

    The $40m global health equity programme will fund projects that improve health outcomes for underserved communities

  • September 28, 2021 28 Sep'21

    APAC IT spending to grow by 9.3% in 2021

    Organisations across the region will spend more on technologies such as AI and IoT this year, as part of their long-term investment plans to improve operational efficiency and customer service

  • September 26, 2021 26 Sep'21

    What it takes to attract and retain women in cyber security

    The narrowing gender gap may be a cause for cheer, but more needs to be done to curb discrimination, and attract and retain women for cyber security roles in Asia-Pacific

  • September 21, 2021 21 Sep'21

    DBS eyes AI and blockchain talent

    Singapore-based bank DBS is looking to hire 150 developers and engineers skilled in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain through its hackathon programme

  • September 20, 2021 20 Sep'21

    ASEAN organisations face observability gap

    Organisations in Southeast Asia are grappling with a hodgepodge of observability tools and have some way to go before they can achieve full visibility over their technology stacks

  • September 16, 2021 16 Sep'21

    NTT and Equinix lead APAC co-location market

    The two datacentre service providers are leading the pack in co-location services in the Asia-Pacific region thanks to their growing business from hyperscale cloud suppliers

  • September 15, 2021 15 Sep'21

    Australia and Singapore have higher incidences of insecure databases

    Five-year longitudinal study by Imperva shows the proportion of databases with at least one known vulnerability in Australia and Singapore are among the world’s highest

  • September 13, 2021 13 Sep'21

    RPA adoption still in its infancy in Asia-Pacific

    While there have been successful deployments of robotic process automation in mature markets, adoption of the technology is largely in its infancy across Asia-Pacific, says a regional Blue Prism executive

  • September 13, 2021 13 Sep'21

    Portcast secures $3.2m, eyes global expansion

    Logistics startup Portcast will use its pre-Series A funding to expand globally and bolster its cloud-based service with prescriptive AI capabilities

  • September 09, 2021 09 Sep'21

    APAC organisations must do more to harness analytics potential

    Organisations in the Asia-Pacific region still lack the necessary workforce and process capabilities that are required to realise the full benefits of data analytics initiatives, a study finds

  • September 07, 2021 07 Sep'21

    OT security in APAC remains work in progress

    Two operational technology security experts shed light on the state of OT security in the region, and what’s being done to address skills, competency and organisational challenges

  • September 02, 2021 02 Sep'21

    NUS researchers develop brain-inspired memory device

    A team of researchers led by the National University of Singapore have developed a brain-inspired molecular memristor that can be configured to perform a range of computing tasks

  • August 24, 2021 24 Aug'21

    How Zendesk is gearing up for growth in APAC

    Zendesk has its eye on Japan and the enterprise segment while building up its partner ecosystem to grow its business in the Asia-Pacific region

  • August 20, 2021 20 Aug'21

    Alibaba tops global AI challenge

    Alibaba’s AliceMind algorithm recorded a higher accuracy rate than humans in answering questions related to images in the global VQA challenge

  • August 16, 2021 16 Aug'21

    Facebook develops Asia-Pacific, African subsea connectivity

    With the tasty title of Apricot, social media giant unveils role in project to develop ultra-fast connectivity under the sea in key Asian region, while it announces expansion of existing partnership to boost African sea network

  • August 16, 2021 16 Aug'21

    How swarm learning is tearing down data silos

    Swarm learning makes it possible to perform machine learning on distributed data sources while conforming to data confidentiality requirements

  • August 13, 2021 13 Aug'21

    How to get API deployments right

    Application programming interfaces are not the panacea for digital transformation and could even lead to escalating costs for problems that are better addressed through integration

  • August 12, 2021 12 Aug'21

    Singapore’s NUHS kicks off holomedicine research

    Singapore neurosurgeons are testing the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset to locate brain tumours with higher precision and improve patient safety

  • August 10, 2021 10 Aug'21

    How Grab is using Kafka in fraud detection

    Grab is using Apache Kafka in its fraud detection and prevention platform to ingest event streams from its mobile software development kits and client backends to pick up fraudulent activities

  • August 05, 2021 05 Aug'21

    Unit4 doubles down on APAC business

    Supplier of mid-market ERP systems Unit4 is investing in a research and development centre in Jakarta as part of efforts to win market share from established players

  • August 03, 2021 03 Aug'21

    Huawei courts Asian startups in cloud push

    Huawei will spend $100m over three years to grow the startup ecosystem in key markets as it eyes a bigger slice of Asia’s cloud market

  • August 02, 2021 02 Aug'21

    Building supply chain resilience with cloud ERP

    Vallen Asia’s cloud enterprise resource planning system has enabled it to scale its operations across the region and made its supply chain operations more resilient amid the pandemic

  • July 30, 2021 30 Jul'21

    Technical debt is holding back innovation

    Technical debt is limiting seven in 10 companies in their capacity to innovate, according to a global study

  • July 29, 2021 29 Jul'21

    Olympic Broadcasting Services taps cloud for content delivery

    Live footages of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are being supplied to broadcasters through the public cloud for the first time

  • July 28, 2021 28 Jul'21

    APAC organisations can reduce carbon footprint with cloud

    Energy savings of nearly 80% can be achieved by running business applications in the cloud rather than on-premise infrastructure, study finds

  • July 27, 2021 27 Jul'21

    How IBM is solving the data privacy problem

    IBM’s fully homomorphic encryption technology lets enterprises apply analytics and machine learning to encrypted data without compromising data privacy

  • July 25, 2021 25 Jul'21

    Tokyo 2020 hit by data breach

    The user names and passwords of Tokyo 2020 ticket holders and event volunteers were reportedly compromised, but government official claims the data leak was not large

  • July 22, 2021 22 Jul'21

    Beeinfotech PH opens telco-neutral datacentre in the Philippines

    Datacentre startup is touting carrier neutrality, bespoke services and cyber security capabilities to meet the growing demand for co-location services in the Philippines

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