BCS vice president seeks an apology after EGM manifesto

BCS vice president Ken Olisa is pressing for an apology after BCS members supporting an Extraordinary...

BCS vice president Ken Olisa is pressing for an apology after BCS members supporting an Extraordinary General Meeting published a manifesto last week which appeared to call into question the probity of decisions made by the BCS board of trustees.

The document alleges that the BCS trustee board has not provided BCS council members with "information and due diligence" and financial details about the BCS' £5m programme to reposition the organisation as the Chartered Institute for IT.

The group has re-worded the manifesto after Olisa sent a strongly worded reply to Rajan Anketell, one of five BCS EGM supporters who co-authored the manifesto and e-mailed a link to the document to some 50 BCS council members.

"Although as a trustee I am always keen to listen to the views of our members you will understand that I am unable to give any weight to such poorly reasoned argument presented by an insignificant minority of the membership as a whole," he wrote.

The e-mail, copied to the BCS council members who received Anketell's manifesto e-mail called for the group to "withdraw the unwarranted slur" on his name, issue an apology and undertake not to repeat the libel".

"I take my reputation very seriously and will have no hesitation in pursuing you and your co-signatories in the courts," the e-mail said. "At no time have I behaved in a manner which could remotely be considered to call into question my probity."

Olisa said on Friday that he was pleased the group had now changed the wording of the manifesto, but said an apology would be the gentlemanly thing to do.

"I think the most important thing is they have removed the allegation. That's a good first step," Olisa told Computer Weekly.

"I think a fundamental principle of professional life is only to say things that are accurate. If someone makes a statement that is inaccurate, then an apology is appropriate," he said.

Anketell, who has recently been elected as a BCS trustee said in a brief statement that he had changed the wording of the manifesto and had now sent an e-mail apologising to council for his "lapse".

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