Top 10 social media stories of 2009

Top 10 social media stories of 2009...

1. Social media plays key role in getting Obama elected

The American election may have done for the internet what Kennedy's election did for television. Both Obama and McCain used the web to an unprecedented extent. But it was Obama's innovative use of IT and digital marketing that gave him the edge.

2. Dell made £6bn on Twitter

Computer maker Dell has sold $6.5m worth of equipment by using microblogging website Twitter. This represents a late surge because in June this year the company said it had made $3m of sales on Twitter over the previous two years.

3. Top 10 Twitter marketing blunders

Habitat was responsible for the most recent high-profile Twitter failure, hijacking popular hash tag topics in its tweets on unrelated topics to try to garner as much attention as possible. Its worst stumble was the use of tags related to the violence happening in Iran - in between the tweets expressing support and updates on what was happening, Habitat updates appeared telling everyone about its latest offers and competitions.

4. Google search deal with Twitter

Google has announced a search deal with Twitter, which will see updates on Twitter appearing in Google search results. The deal comes shortly after Microsoft announced it would include Twitter updates in its Bing search engine results.

5. Twitter grows 3,000% in a year

Twitter has grown by more than 3,000% in the past year, according to figures from internet monitoring site Hitwise. Its share of UK traffic increased about 33 times between February 2008 and February 2009.

6. Channel 4 and YouTube deal

Channel 4 has signed a deal with YouTube that will make the broadcaster's programmes available for free on the video-sharing site. It is the first time a broadcaster has made its programmes available on the site. Channel 4 expects to increase its advertising revenue and audience size with the deal, which starts early next year.

7. Facebook, Google, Yahoo and eBay express grave concerns about Digital Economy Bill

Facebook, Google, Yahoo and eBay have written to the government expressing "grave concerns" about the Digital Economy Bill. The bill, which had its second reading in the House of Commons today, provides a legal framework for tackling copyright infringement. The companies say some of it goes too far.

8. Google Wave - surf, swim or suffocate?

Google has now unleashed a typhoon in Wave. It is threatening to drown e-mail and social networking sites with its all-in-one package.

9. Friendfeed acquired by Facebook

Facebook has just announced a deal to acquire Friendfeed, a social networking site that allows you to follow the stream of all your friends or contacts, in the latest development in the social media world.

10. Domino's You Tube PR disaster

Domino's Pizza has been at the centre of a social media storm since the staff at a Domino's drive-through in the US posted videos of themselves on YouTube that showed them doing disgusting things to the pizzas they were making.

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