What to expect from Percona Live 2022

Percona (arguably) has some spirit.

The company has tried really hard to schedule user conventions throughout these first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic; always cancelling when appropriate (which turned out to be always, between spikes and variants and so on) and so resorting to ‘virtual-live’ events in the end.

But that was then and this is now, so we can look forward to Percona Live 2022 in Austin, Texas from May 16-18.

Heck, that’s a busy week – Kubecon Europe, Alteryx, Ingram Micro, Tableau and about half a dozen others all picked May 16 for their conference kick-offs and there’s nothing discernable the week after – you guys should really all talk to each other, maybe there should be an app for that?

Conference clashes notwithstanding, Percona put its cards down first, so the Computer Weekly Developer Network team decided not to be a symposium gazumper.

So then to Percona, the company is a provider of enterprise-class support, consulting, managed services, training and software for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other open source databases in on-premises and cloud environments.

The Percona team say that they can promise three days of keynotes, educational sessions, hands-on activities and… well, it’s Texas, so expect some barbeque.

According to the show’s promo listings, we will be able to discuss user experiences, dive deep into software and get a good portion of actionable advice.

Data-developer deep-dive

The focus at this show will lean towards how data-developers can learn about open source database technology and how it can power applications, improve websites, secure data and solve critical database issues.

The team promises to cover performance & optimisation as well as public, private and hybrid cloud and everything in between. They will look at how to build large, scalable secure database deployments and focus on how to reduce costs and complexity with open source software (OSS) databases.

We’ll also get a portion of security, DevOps, database architecture & design… and a bit of hands-on developer experience.

To list a few sessions (all shown at above link), we can look forward to Mastering PostgreSQL Administration by Bruce Momjian, EDB; PostgreSQL High Availability with Patroni by Charly Batista, Percona; and MySQL Architectures : design the right solution for your needs, by Frédéric Descamps, Oracle.

There’s also a Complete MariaDB Tutorial, by Colin Charles at Galera Cluster; and let’s also mention the fabulously named Pep Pla who will deliver Let it Go! (Golang for DBAs).

The state of data growth

As we have noted before in Percona news analysis, database growth is continuing apace and the lion’s share of of organisations are seeing their database footprint grow. For 12% of organisations (in a recent Percona survey), the volume of data they held doubled or more in twelve months.

Alongside this, the cost of cloud computing was flagged as a problem for many companies, with organisations facing additional unplanned costs from their cloud providers. For many organisations, upgrading cloud instances is a common occurrence.

“For many organisations, growth around cloud and data has increased more than they expected. Keeping control over your data and your costs will be essential for everyone over time – using open source databases is one of the best ways to achieve this. However, the popularity of DBaaS in this year’s results shows that many organizations are potentially unaware of all the issues that exist around cloud and lock-in. Combining Kubernetes and open source databases can help deliver the right mix of control, freedom, and flexibility when it comes to data,” said Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona.

ABC of Zaitsev Yonkovit

The always-affable Zaitsev will no doubt be joined on stage by Percona head of open source strategy Matt Yonkovit as the team also welcome guest speakers and engage in what is usually a quite intimate gathering of hard core committed deep data devotees.

Okay we’ll sign up for that, pass the barbeque sauce please.

Percona CEO Zaitsev: I’ll have that coffee to go (with open source data tools) please.

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