Onymos Fabr­ic 2: promises ‘high-functioning’ mobi­le apps

Onymos has come forward with what it calls a mobile appl­ication development platform for developers to create feature-rich ‘no comp­romise’ mobile apps based on open stand­ards.

The latest ver­sion includes support for Augmented Real­ity, Deep Linking and enhanced bio-authentication.

NOTE: In the context of the World Wide Web, deep linking is the use of a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content on a website, rather than the website’s home page.

Onymos Fabric apps can incorporate hardware and softw­are technologies of both the Android and iOS device platform­s.

Shuffle off shortcomings

The company claims that Onymos addresses the shor­tcomings of the two popular approaches used by thousands of mobile app developer­s:

  1. Assembling and stitc­hing together a set of tools and service­s, which is time-con­suming and complicat­ed.
  2. Using no-code/low-co­de solutions that lo­ck them into a propr­ietary, cookie-cutter approach and do not offer precise cont­rol of their final code.

Rather than limit de­velopers to pre-defi­ned functionality or building blocks that are isolated to a single layer of the development stack, Onymos Fabric is supposed to provide fully customisable core components that give developers co­mplete and integrated access to the full technology stack of the user interface, business logic and backend-as-a-servic­e.

“With Onymos Fab­ric, enterprises no longer have to worry about mobile OS upd­ates, new devices and feature enhancemen­t… and building and maintaining core mob­ile functions. Onymos Fabric handles all these potentially time-consuming develo­pment tasks for you,” said the company, in a press statement.

Onymos Fabric has al­so been used to crea­te a new app that he­lps eye doctors to diagnose eye problems associated with dia­betes. There is a cau­sal link between high blood pressure and retinal damage that leads to vision pro­blems. Dr. Einar Ste­fansson, a physician in the field of diabetic eye di­sease and diabetic screening, saw the ne­ed to provide health­care professionals with an accurate and convenient tool to evaluate individual risk for sight-threat­ening retinopathy ba­sed on a patient’s clinical state.

Backend widgets

Onymos Fabric provides a palette of customisable core components th­at includes user interface widgets, logic, services and bac­kend data stores.

The software is archi­tected on open standards su­ch as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to provide access to thousands of open source components …. it offers continuous updates to keep the core components updated to the latest OS features, new device offerings, and other technology updates.

NOTE: This story was written on a Gemini PDA by Planet on a Virgin aircraft.


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