Adonit PhotoGrip for smartphones with tripod, Bluetooth shutter & remote

In the age of the selfie (and the accursed self-stick), what more could the average smartphone-toting photo addict really need?

Longer arms perhaps?

How  about an international language app to translate the word “cheese” into 200 langauges?

No, it’s none of these. What we really want is something that makes our smartphones look, act and feel more like an actual camera.

This appears to be much of the thinking behind Adonit Photogrip, a multiuse phone grip designed to transform a smartphone so it can be used just like a camera.

Nokia of course did something like this with the Nokia Lumia 1020 – image linked here – which did the phone a good surround, but was proprietary to that model alone and was expensive and heavy.

Camera not-so obscura

Adonit has previously been known for its stylus manufacturing. The company now comes forward with the UK launch of Photogrip, a means of wrapping a casing around any smartphone so that it can be converted into a mini tripod. It is accompanied by a Bluetooth shutter and (and this is the cool bit) a camera remote (so you can make the shutter close while you sit away from the device) to help create group shots.

According to the makers, the Adonit Photogrip allows users can comfortably hold their phone out in front of them with one hand to perfect that selfie with ease thanks to the grooved grip mark, avoiding any accidental slips and resulting cracked screen.

Photogrip can be positioned upright for self-standing portrait mode, allowing users to FaceTime, live stream on Instagram or perhaps and watch videos.

The detachable Bluetooth shutter remote can be used up to 10 metres from the phone whether it be on the Photogrip’s mini tripod or self-standing mode. There is no timer required, so users can just click the remote when they are ready.

There’s also a mini precision stylus included to help with photo editing.

Jasper Li, CTO for Adonit has said that the Photogrip has multiple uses and is one of the first offering a stand, everyday handgrip for peace of mind as well as the tools to take portrait shots and edit swiftly for ultimate shareability.

The Adonit Photogrip is compatible with iOS 5.0 and above and Android v4.3 and above.

The Bluetooth connection requires v3.0 and the device will work with any phone from a minimum size of 4.5″. In addition, the Photogrip includes a carry pouch, neck strap and features a charge capacity of up to 20 hours, with the allowance to snap up to 72,000 photos.

Inspect-a-Gadget opinion

Okay what did we think of this? Actually, it’s one of those ‘darn, I wish I’d had this ages ago’ type of gadgets… the remote Bluetooth ‘clicker’ being absolutely the coolest thing about it. Perhaps not just for getting group shots, but if you’re the kind of person that likes to climb up a mountain and sit perched with your other half on the edge of some remote escarpment, then how would you be able to get a snap of that kind of thing if nobody else was there?

Having spent an entire youth setting ‘auto-shutter’ self-timer and balancing cameras on top of rocks and such like and then running around the front, this is an electronic answer to that problem… and it comes with a tripod… and it comes with a casing unit to stop your phone getting damaged. The product is robust and feels tough, it fits all the Huawei phones we tried it on (several sizes) and it would appear to fit ‘any’ smartphone, although one imagines there must be some that it doesn’t especially if you already have your own casing around your device. You can also use the Adonit Photogrip to prop your smartphone up (portrait style) in self-standing mode on your desk. Say cheese please.

The Adonit Photogrip is available from Amazon and Adonit for £44.99

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