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  • The Right To Have Facts Redacted (But Not Forgotten) In Certain Contexts

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 10 Jun 2014
  • …or “How the Reputation Management Industry Came of Age" Much fuss has been made in the press about the European Court of Justice’s decision that search engines (and Google in particular) must ...

  • Taking a punt on Identity Assurance

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 04 Apr 2014
  • The Government Digital Service's (GDS) has announced the next round of procurement for the Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP), which will expand the use of a federation of private-sector Identity ...

  • Reflections on Identity and Access Management

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 17 Mar 2014
  • This week is Gartner's annual Identity and Access Management shindig in London. I was fortunate enough to attend for the first time in 2011, when there was a real sense of mixed feelings amongst ...

  • Online Tracking: Keeping Austin Weirder

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 13 Dec 2013
  • One of our long-standing problems with Internet privacy is the tracking of user activities, more often than not without any meaningful opt-out mechanism: if you don’t want to be profiled by, say, ...

  • RSA Conference Europe 2013 - When Security Met Privacy

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 30 Oct 2013
  • This year's RSA Conference Europe is themed around how 'Big Data Transforms Security,' requiring support from and feeding into the corporate security function. The tone was set by one quotation ...

  • IAPP

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 19 Oct 2013
  • The call for papers for 2014's IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive comes to a close this Wednesday. If you're a privacy professional then this will be the most important event in London next ...

  • The future of eID in Europe

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 30 Sep 2013
  • In recent months the fuss about surveillance revelations has distracted attention from some good work in the European Commission to try to align and push forward a harmonised electronic identity ...

  • medConfidential

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 23 Sep 2013
  • I've a lot of time and respect for my GP, not least because we see eye-to-eye on privacy matters. He shares my concern about the centralisation and automation of healthcare data, not because of any ...

  • iPhone 5s - Secure in Practice?

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 23 Sep 2013
  • So the iPhone 5s, Apple's newest shiniest consumer thing, has had its new biometric security broken by no less than the famous Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Using a simple spoofing attack which ...

  • Government Digital Service publishes Identity and Privacy Principles

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 18 Jun 2013
  • One of the common concerns about identity-related technologies is the potential for abuse of privacy, and for function creep of the identity system itself: mechanisms which are designed to support ...

  • Postcodes, PAF and Pseudonymisation

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 19 Apr 2013
  • A number of today's papers are reporting on the government's plans to offer up Royal Mail for private investment, and the implications for the Postcode Address File (PAF). Cabinet Minister Francis ...

  • Could Identity Assurance be the missing ingredient for digital inclusion?

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 05 Apr 2013
  • The government's plans to tackle digital exclusion - the significant user population that cannot or will not use online services - are essential if we are to achieve 'Digital by Default' targets ...