This is an arty hack

The Neil Buchanan of Vietnamese cyber security has pulled Apple’s pants down by making a mask that can trick the iPhone X’s facial recognition technology. Come and have a look at this.

Now, to make your phone hacker mask, you’ll need a 3D printer, a pot of your mum or dad’s old silicone and some paper tape. Gaffer tape will do if you can’t find any paper tape, but we like to use a matted one from Ryman to really give it that spooky, “I’m-about-to-find-your-nudes” effect.

Then it’s just a case of making the mask in the image of your target’s face. This is where you can really have some fun with expressions. You could give it a silly face with its tongue poking out; or have it pull an angry pickpocket stare; or how about getting really creative with a cheeky Chelsea Manning clever-clogs grin?

When you’re finished, it’s then just a case of sticking your mask on and grabbing that unlucky victim’s phone.

And there it is! Try it yourself. Find out your friends and family’s dirty secrets and give them a fright while you’re at it with your very own phone hacker mask. We’ll see you next time. Ta-ra!

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