What to expect from TIBCO Now 2020

It’s almost autumn-fall conference season.

Okay, to be more accurate, it’s almost autumn-fall virtually-hosted online-only web-based dial-in conference season.

But that’s okay, although the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) global pandemic has obviously turned our world upside down and many of the spring 2020 events were quickly assembled, we can perhaps hope for more formally staged events in the latter half of this year.

That appears to be the case with Tibco (The Information Bus COmpany – TIBCO) upon first glance.

The firm has not only staged a full set of online sessions, it has even roped in Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton to sprinkle the traditional ‘celebrity speaker’ element — an add on that can be a real treat, or a real chore in real life presentations.

Staged from September 22-24, Tibco Now 2020 is indeed online only, although participants will still need to register if they want full access to all the sessions and breakouts being offered.

The speeding speed of data

The company talks about the big changes 2020 has seen, but does so in view of the massive change in the quantity and speed of data that we see traversing our networks, cloud and IT stacks these days.

Official documentation for the event delivers what it says it is a critical question: How do you [organisations] maintain the pace of ideas, collaboration and market impact as the evolution of technology accelerates? 

“This year’s event is about building and sustaining that innovation momentum. It’s about using data to ideate the next transformative breakthrough that will address the most pressing challenges faced by digital businesses today. TIBCO NOW 2020 sets a higher bar – to build a sustainable capability and culture of collaboration and innovation – in our organisations, our communities and across our world,” said the company, in an event preview statement.

Tuning into event channels 

As well as general session keynotes (online), there are event channels including the following: Sustainable Innovation Channel, Vision and Value Channel, Innovation Hub Channel and others.

The company has also provided deep dive technical sessions including its Tibco Academy. This is a section designed to allow data-developers to brush up on Tibco technology by building skills and knowledge through on-demand, self-paced eLearning.

Users will be able to access on-demand courses 24/7 on any device. Courses are video lectures and labs to prepare technical professionals to pass certified associate and certified professional exams.

Also on offer here is product knowledge training. These are two hour long sessions that aim to provide a fundamental understanding of a specific product. Each course includes a product overview and its key features. These introductory courses are designed for users who are interested in learning the basics. 

Tibco has done its best – in virtual terms – to even provide sponsor demos, an innovation hub, networking, entertainment and (we are promised) a few surprises.

The event hashtag is #TIBCONOW

Approved image – source: TIBCO

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