The new Nikkei: Dawex launches Japan Data Exchange (JDEX)

Data is, just in case you hadn’t heard, the new lifeblood of business.

It is the new oil, the new commodity, the new key ‘good’ and it is (of course) the lifeblood that drives the applications we all use everyday.

What we must also remember, is that data is fundamentally important in any code language or human language… and that includes Japanese.

France headquartered data exchange technology platform company Dawex is now working with Kanematsu Corporation and Japan Data Exchange Inc. to launch JDEX, a Data Exchange Platform to create a large data trading community in Japan.

Cross-industry & cross-border 

Aiming to span industry, academia and government, and contribute to the promotion of a cross-industry and cross-border data exchange environment, JDEX will be operated by Kanematsu and will rely on Dawex Data Exchange technology.

As is common with the key features and functionalities of the Dawex platform, Kanematsu will be able to use JDEX to enable the sourcing, exchange, sharing and commercialisation of data products.

“Now armed with advanced data infrastructure relying on Dawex technology, and leveraging a mature governance framework, the Japan Data Exchange will unlock the full potential of a growing data ecosystem and set an example for the transition into a data-driven economy.” says Fabrice Tocco, co-CEO of Dawex. “The data marketplace will enable the development of new data models and foster innovation in a trusted and secure environment.”

Emerging as a key component of the data economy, Data Exchanges are creating initiatives, frameworks and policies such as GAIA-X in Europe, Data Trading Alliance in Japan, the World Economic Forum or the Data Exchange Association (DXA).

Dawex says that, the market is increasingly being regulated and standardized encouraging the development of trusted cross-border, cross-industry data ecosystems such as JDEX. 

Image source: Dawex

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