Cohesity: team-up to toughen up, new alliance members & sharper integrations

Data management is the lifeblood of applications, obviously, along with the core software application code substrate from which apps are built and developed in the first place, the need to form neural integrations between application and services layers is imperative to forge secure environments for us humans to live inside.

This is not Cohesity’s mission statement, but it could form part of how and why the data security and management validates its work today – and, crucially, how the organisation is able to help forge alliance connections across the industry with like-minded enterprise technology specialists.

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team plugged into Cohesity Catalyst, the company’s three-day virtual summit, this month to learn more about work happening at the Data Security Alliance, an initiative (formed back in November 2022) that the company itself oversees in an open spirit with meritocracy championed over any notion of hierarchy.

Cohesity added new members to the alliance including Netskope, ServiceNow, and Zscaler. It also added new integrations with ServiceNow and an updated integration with Tenable. The alliance includes BigID, Cisco, CyberArk, Mandiant, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, PwC UK, Qualys, Securonix and Splunk.

Through this cyber security, data security and data management union, services vendors partner by sharing context and enabling new workflows. The concept is simple enough, it’s a collaboration to help detect threats and respond to attacks faster, improve remediation and advance cyber resilience.

Team up to toughen up

In a forthcoming global research study commissioned by Cohesity, with partners BigID and Tenable, an analysis found 87% of the 3,000+ IT and security respondents polled believe that in order to help win the war against ransomware, it is important that data security and management and cyber security companies team-up to provide complete and integrated anti-ransomware solutions.

“With the addition of new security partners Netskope, ServiceNow, and Zscaler and our growing portfolio of security integrations, we have the most robust data security ecosystem in the industry to help fight the threat of attacks,” said Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president, Cohesity.

“Today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats cannot be solved by one vendor alone. It takes an integrated network of cyber security, data security and management, and services experts to thwart the persistence of bad actors. We’re excited to be fulfilling our vision via new and expanded integrations with our valued partners and look forward to working together to help enterprises win the war against cyber threats,” added Poonen.

Cohesity and Netskope say they will provide enhanced data protection to tackle the challenges of double-extortion ransomware attacks.

Cohesity’s zero-trust protection of immutable backup data helps ensure data is available for recovery if production data is encrypted. When coupled with instant mass restore, organisations will be able to recover from ransomware attacks in hours versus days.

ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) brings incident data from the Cohesity Data Cloud into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritise and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to organisations.

Cohesity notes that it is also pleased to launch a new, re-architected integration with Tenable that powers the Cohesity marketplace app, known as CyberScan. The updated Tenable integration is intended to provide improved scalability for growing workloads so that snapshots can be scanned and support demanding SLA and RTO requirements.

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