The machine that goes IDaaS-Ping!

Ping (the identity defined security company, not the golf club company) has previewed its PingOne for Customers tool for developers

The is cloud-based Identity as a Service (IDaaS) software for programmers to use — it provides API-based identity services for customer-facing applications.

The promise here is a route to replacing custom-built identity services that (Ping argues) can be ‘more difficult to maintain’ than cloud automated ones.

It is, in effect, the software machine that goes IDaaS-Ping!

PingOne for Customers is designed to make it faster and easier to embed registration, login, profile management, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and other cloud-based identity services directly into customer-facing applications.

The software offers developer-friendly (as opposed to developer-nasty) APIs, a good set of documentation and a dedicated community.

“Organisations are embarking on a broader range of cloud-first digital business initiatives, yet  struggle with the integration and support of new cloud and SaaS offerings with their existing identity infrastructures. PingOne for Customers addresses these needs and includes broad support for identity standards such as OAuth, OpenID Connect and SAML,” said the company, in a press statement.

It also offers hybrid IT capabilities, delegated administration, and addresses other enterprise requirements at the onset to provide diverse implementation and deployment options.

“The developer community wants to build applications and just leverage a service for securing login and registration, versus creating the capabilities themselves in their app,” said Steve Shoaff, chief product officer, Ping Identity. “

Integrations across the broader Ping Intelligent Identity Platform are claimed to help current enterprise customers maintain a better path to the cloud.

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