Jitterbit: The age of real-time AI just got real

Jitterbit isn’t bitty.

The company is a substantial transatlantic technology operation focused on low-code enterprise solutions for integration and application development.

The company offers low-code enterprise solutions for integration and application development combining the power of iPaaS, API management, EDI and LCAP to amplify the value of on-premises, cloud-based and SaaS systems.

The company used its presence at the AI Accelerate: London 2024 conference this month to detail what it says are AI innovations to enable automation, integration orchestration and application development.

Jitterbit unveiled three new AI beta product capabilities.

“The future of application development, orchestration and automation is based on an AI evolution, not a revolution,” said Jitterbit president and CEO Bill Conner. “Even the most agile organisations need a smart, measured approach to infusing AI-powered automation into their business and its infrastructure — and at their own pace. They shouldn’t be forced to ditch their investments and start new. It’s an unnecessary risk.”

As noted Jitterbit has now showcased its latest in AI-powered capabilities and announced three upcoming AI betas:

  • App Builder AI Assistant: An AI tools to build and/or modify an application using natural language in a chatbot interface.
  • Connector AI Assistant: A function to provide an AI-powered chatbot to build an iPaaS connector for an endpoint that has a REST API.

Ask JB: An in-product AI chatbot that fields natural language queries of Jitterbit docs and delivers precise and concise responses.

As with anything worthwhile in the AI space, value is built ground-up. These ‘hard yards’ are Jitterbit’s sweet spot claims CEO Conner. He insists that the company’s role as the strategic automation platform means it can clearly how future AI-powered enterprises will gain the most from AI and accelerate their productivity.

“In this transformative era in technology, Jitterbit’s adaptation of AI for coding and data connectivity is a significant milestone,” said Antonio Cisternino, professor of computer science at the University of Pisa. “AI has the potential to revolutionise data integration and automation by allowing a completely new form of human-machine interaction allowing a whole new spectrum of capabilities to zero code automation. Jitterbit brings enterprise discipline to this brave new era.”

The world of AI is rapidly changing from the ‘parlour game’ era of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models to one where vendors will need to provide real business value if they want to stay relevant. This means the messy business of connecting data pipes and coding real-life applications are changing, not going away any time soon. In fact it is essential for enterprise IT in the AI era.

Jitterbit’s opening moves are by no means the end game and their competitors in the space are sure to want their say too. There’s a lot to play for here and IT professionals will need to update and maintain their application development and operations game to stay on top. AI is getting real.

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