CA Technologies: developers should view DevOps as a promotion

Discussions between the Computer Weekly Developer Network and CA Technologies at Mobile World Congress this week lead to some real world feedback in terms of where the portmanteau-labeled discipline of DevOps might really be at today.

As many readers will know, DevOps is a compound term encapsulating both ‘developer’ and ‘operations’ i.e. sysadmins, DBAs etc.

But DevOps is just marketing isn’t it?

In the real world, one imagines that DevOps is just a marketing label and that DevOps pros do not really exist.

Developers can’t stand the operations crowd (they’re programmers who didn’t cut it right?) and operations thinks developers are a bunch of nerds.

Consequently then, DevOps is a marketing term made up by firms who sell management software and so-called “orchestration tools” to execute DevOps style tasks.

CA Technologies’ EMEA president Marco Comastri says he speaks to his customers and has a different view.

“As many as 40 percent of organisations we speak to have a DevOps division, or at least they have senior developers with an operations-focused purview. DevOps professionals are very real and they often fulfil their roles as part of a very cross functional team,” said Comastri.

What Comastri is suggesting then is that DevOps is a role that comes to those developers who have shown themselves to be effective and can carry out their function with an appreciation for operations from the start.

So, if anything, developers should view DevOps as a promotion right?

Comastri would rather we use a less forthright turn of phrase perhaps, but essentially this is what is happening.

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His firm used Mobile World Congress to launch what it calls the “industry first” Management Cloud for Mobility as a software portfolio (delivered as a cloud service) that includes: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobile DevOps and Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT).

So with European mobile usage higher than any other world region, DevOps designed for mobile a delivered in a cloud model makes perfect sense on paper.

CA is also making its CA Mobile Device Management (CA MDM) compatible with Samsung KNOX, Samsung’s secure mobile platform for advanced data and privacy protection.

Samsung KNOX has a secure boot chain and new container-based environment for Android.

“CA MDM, one of the products in the new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suite, is a scalable product that provides enterprises with the capabilities necessary to secure and manage mobile devices, applications, and various end points including Windows and Linux desktops,” said the company, in a press statement.

So is DevOps a developer promotion then?

It’s a more progressive and positive way of looking at things for sure.