AWS re:Invent partners: Architecting the modern cloud stack

An AWS re:Invent partner appearance is a challenge.

On the one hand, it’s fantastic exposure at one of the biggest IT events of the annual convention calendar, it’s a chance to be seen among some very important ecosystem players… and (in 2021, at last) it’s now also In Real Life (IRL.)

On the other hand, it means being among what feels like a couple of hundred partner organisations all vying for what the marcoms people love to call ‘share of voice’… and wow, there’s plenty of noise out there.

Among the partners this year was OutSystems.

Keen to talk about the move to modern application systems in a cloud-native world (Ed: that’s opposed to old-fashioned cloud is it?), OutSystems CEO and founder Paulo Rosado spoke with Dr. Max Wang, CTO of health and security services company International SOS Assistance Inc. to talk about the next tier structures we are all seeking to build and operate.

The technical work here comes down to software engineering tasks focused on moving 20-year old legacy applications and development processes on the migration path to AWS Cloud. 

What we are seeing here could be described as ‘custom-built cloud applications’ i.e. ones that (arguably) evolve somewhat further on in terms of the developer-to-functionality quotient in the final deployment.


With so much supply chain streamlining going on right now (for obvious reasons), OutSystems says it has found itself at the coalface of building new enterprise systems that address business issues implementing Covid-19 protocols, managing workplace health and safety measures… and modernising other business processes.

If you think you’ll hear the vendors and specialist implementors in this space utter the phrase ‘highly available, scalable and robust’ when it comes to cloud applications… then you’re on a safe bet.

“Our relationship with AWS is helping us drive forward our mission to help every organisation innovate through software,” said Rosado. 

“AWS re:Invent presents an excellent opportunity to learn from organisations like International SOS about real-world examples of how massive developer productivity is possible on a global scale,” he added.

OutSystems’ Rosado says he is looking ahead to next year and will continue to navigate the growing complexities and pace of technology and business change.

“Our continued partnership with AWS provides developers across all company sizes and industries the tools and strategies they need to build the future they want with cloud innovation at the core,” he concluded.

Hmm, upgrades – Neo

OutSystems recently details a new platform, code-named Project Neo, that combines visual model-based development with a container- and Kubernetes-based cloud architecture, hosted on AWS. 



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