Antivirus, firewall and IDS products

  • March 31, 2017 31 Mar'17

    How IT can be more defensible

    A renowned Google engineer calls for the IT industry to build devices capable of being defended and for enterprises to take a balance sheet approach in managing risks

  • March 30, 2017 30 Mar'17

    Nearly a third of malware attacks are zero-day exploits

    Companies could be missing up to third of malware that is targeting them, according to a report by WatchGuard

  • March 28, 2017 28 Mar'17

    Threats grow in Saudi Arabia’s cyber sector

    Saudi Arabia's wealth makes it an attractive target for cyber criminals, but what have been the recent trends in cyber crime?

  • March 07, 2017 07 Mar'17

    Accept everything is hackable, business told

    Many companies are in denial about cyber attacks, but they need to accept that they are likely to be targets, that everything is hackable and that they need to act accordingly, says security expert Menny Barzilay

  • March 03, 2017 03 Mar'17

    Cyber attack on Barts NHS trust exploited zero-day vulnerability

    A cyber attack that forced parts of Barts NHS trust offline in January 2017 has been blamed on previously unknown malware that was able to bypass the antivirus systems, highlighting a common weakness in cyber defences