Windows @ 30: How it all began


Windows @ 30: Microsoft gets its GUI with Windows 3.1

Source:  Microsoft

On May 22, 1990, Microsoft announced Windows 3.0, followed by Windows 3.1 in 1992. Taken together, they sold 10 million copies in their first two years. The company said it improved virtual memory and graphics. Version 3.0 was rather unstable and for most industry commentators, Windows 3.1 represented the first proper version of Windows - and the one that cemented Microsoft's influence on the PC industry.

Consider this: the idea of a set of APIs (application programming interfaces) through the Windows SDK (software development kit), to enable software developers to create GUI applications started a revolution that fueled Windows adoption and widened its appeal among software providers.

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Ahhh brings back memories. I remember the Windows for workgroups software. I started playing around with computer since the late 70's. Seeing how Widows has evolved over the decades has been interesting to say the least.. They have had some good hits and a few misses. But early on they did not have as much competition as they do today. It will be interesting as to what the next decade offers in the form of the Microsoft OS.
Windows for Workgroups was great - I remember trying out its peer-to-peer networking.