Computer Weekly UKtech50: Rising stars 2013


Rising Star: Daniel Heaf, CDO, BBC Worldwide

Source:  BBC

At only 36, Daniel Heaf is the chief digital technology officer at BBC Worldwide. With a background investing in startups, Heaf looks far and wide for innovative companies to partner with the Beeb.

But he does not believe in “innovation for innovation’s sake”.

He says he does not go about his day thinking, "how can I be more innovative?" Instead, he concentrates on how digital can make his customers’ lives better.”

Investing in startups in his previous role has highlighted the potential of working with small businesses, but he uses a range of technology providers in the BBC, from startups to large suppliers.

“We don’t incorporate startups because we’re doing them a favour; we do it because they’re the right company,” says Heaf.

In conjunction with BBC’s The Lab, he has secured commercial partnerships with two startups which are changing the way the BBC approaches digital.

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