The 25 most influential women in UK IT 2013


23. Jenny Griffiths, CEO, Snap Fashion

Snap Fashion was founded by 25-year-old computer science graduate Jenny Griffiths in 2012. The business used the promise of Technology Strategy Board funding to attract private investors and develop its novel search engine. Since then, it has won the prestigious $175,000 Cisco BIG award and the Decoded Fashion startup pitch. It is now planning to launch an Android version of the app, a menswear version and to take its technology into other retail markets. Snap Fashion's innovation and entrepreneurial spirit saw it beat 300 businesses to the 2012 Cisco British Innovation Gateway (BIG) award. The BIG award is a five-year initiative to encourage sustainable and scalable growth of innovative high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises. The search engine, devised with computer vision technology, uses colour, form and pattern to seek out similar items from among the products sold by more than 170 high street retailers.

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