The 25 most influential women in UK IT 2013


17. Aileen Allkins, Vice President of WorldWide Software Support, HP

Aileen Allkins is the leader responsible for HP's Software Support organisation and its credo of "Exceed Expectations", a vision she developed over a career dedicated to IT support. Prior to HP, she held global leadership roles at Onyx Software and Peregrine, living in both the US and Europe. Her 25-year IT support career has seen the tools of IT support evolve from 5.25in DOS boot disks to high-speed broadband and community-based issues resolution. 

Now leading a team of 1300 HP software support professionals, her goal is to eliminate corporate waste from misunderstood, unused or under-used software. Under her leadership, HP’s global support organisation aims to deliver consistently excellent support for HP customers, ultimately building support into a competitive differentiator for HP Software.

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