In 1966 England won the World Cup and Computer Weekly launched the world's first weekly IT newspaper


The Y2K bug

Source:  RBI

The Y2K bug

Computer Weekly was the first title to cover the Y2K (millenium bug) date problem that affected computers during the switchover from 1999 to 2000. Bill Goodwin (premium content editor, 1998 to present) , "In 1998 I was a senior reporter covering the IT industry's preparations for Y2K. There was a lot of fear and hype, which was largely unjustified. Nevertheless, businesses invested huge sums to ensure that Y2K did not bring down critical systems. It was a golden time for programmers and consultants, who were raking in fortunes in the run up to the millenium. The disaster that many people predicted did not happen. But Y2K was not entirely without incident. Sadly a number of patients were misdiagnosed in medical tests, which contributed to a number of deaths."


The first issue of Computer Weekly magazine in 1966 was the start of an era in the UK IT industry – the first ever weekly technology publication. When the final print edition of the magazine comes out on 19 April, it will be the start of another exciting era, where Computer Weekly goes fully digital, reflecting the dramatic changes that the internet has brought to not just our business but those of all our readers.

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