In 1966 England won the World Cup and Computer Weekly launched the world's first weekly IT newspaper


Shared services and remote access in 1966

Source:  RBI

Shared services and remote access in 1966

Chris Hipwell (1966-1976). was managing editor during the launch period. He says, "I was working at the time on Data Processing, a quarterly magazine, also a Reed publication. I realised we were missing out lots of stories and quite a lot of revenue was going into recruitment advertising." Chris began putting the idea for a weekly IT title together in 1965. "At that stage we got a small group together and came up with the idea of a weekly tabloid newpaper printed on news print - we launched on September 22 1966." "I shall be sad to see the end of Computer Weekly in its printed form, but given the changes which the press has undergone, I am not surprised that it has had to take the on-line route. At least it has the merit of being a ‘green’ solution."


The first issue of Computer Weekly magazine in 1966 was the start of an era in the UK IT industry – the first ever weekly technology publication. When the final print edition of the magazine comes out on 19 April, it will be the start of another exciting era, where Computer Weekly goes fully digital, reflecting the dramatic changes that the internet has brought to not just our business but those of all our readers.

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