Photo story: Inside Wikileaks' Bond villain server room


Emergency back-up generators

Source:  Rex Features

Emergency back-up generators

In the event of power failure, two old German submarine engines are on hand to act as emergency generators.


Belmarsh magistrates court has ruled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is to be extradited to Sweden. His legal advisers have confirmed he is to appeal the ruling.

As if the story of Wikileaks' and its enigmatic founder Julian Assange didn't already sound like a spy thriller, these images of the infamous whistleblower's server room reveal a base modelled on a Bond villain's underground lair.

Wikileaks is hosted in a former Cold War bunker in Sweden 30 metres underground, beneath the country's White Mountain range. The site was originally designed to survive a nuclear attack - which is just as well given the radioactive response to the Wikileaks' US embassy cable release. In fact, the site moved to the Bahnhof AB facility following its document dump and consequent removal from Amazon's servers.

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