Your chance to comment on how HMG should improve its use of IT

Public Administration Select Committee of the House of Commons has announced an enquiry, “Good governance:effective use of IT” , into the way Government develops and implements technology policy. It will examine the Government’s overall strategy for information technology (IT) including how it identifies business needs, the effectiveness of governance arrangements, and procurement policy and practice.


You have until 21st January to submit 3,000 words on your views.


Remember ” the silent majority gets what it deserves – ignored”. This is a most timely opportunity to put across your views, where and when it matters – to Parliament, while Cabinet Office is reviewing strategy, tactics and implementation.

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A small Scottish SME is preparing its submission now.

How many does something like this get ; do they read them ; do anything ; call people to give evidence ?

Comment from Philip VIrgo:

This is one of the best ways to get your voice heard.

A succinct contribution making clear points from a small firms perspectives is more likely to be quoted in the fonal report than a worthy tome from a trade association or proefessional body - although the latter might be more likely to be invited to give oral evidence.

Key rules:

1) Remember to answer the questions.

2) Be succinct

3) Give specific examples

4) Do not just winge - say what should happen instead